Shoes A Girl Must Have

If you are the woman who loves to travel or has to do it frequently for work, packing the right pairs of footwear will ensure style, comfort, and ease of packing. You c annot carry your entire chest of shoes on a trip however much youd love to. Therefore, sticking to a few basic shoe pairs that will get you through the entire trip should be the mantra.

Flat Shoes A comfortable yet stylish set of flat shoes is essential, especially for travelling. Pack a slim pair that fits easily into your handbag so that you can always carry them around and change into them if you get sore feet out of wearing heels for too long. Even if you are a petite diva in heels, you cannot avoid packing at least one pair of flats for walking around. Remember, flats too can be chic. Many best selling Italian designer shoes and French chic shoes are flat. Just think of Audrey Hepburn and her loafers and ballet flats.

A Pair of Basic Pumps These are especially required if you are travelling for work. Pumps look polished and go well with most semi-formal and formal outfits. Wear them to your meetings, lunches, and other formal gatherings. Keep the heel low for maximum comfort. Or you may go for platform pumps that help you stand taller without compromising on foot comfort.

Open Toe or Peep Toe Shoes A vacation is incomplete if you dont get to show your freshly pedicured feet in open-toe sandals or flip-flops. A sunny day out in a sun dress and open toe wedges just make the setting for a picture perfect vacation. For evening events at the club or formal dinners, you may go one step up the formal ladder and go for peep toes instead of the conventional close toe shoes. Peep toe pumps with a tinge of bling or a pop of color will blend well with most vacation evenings and nights out.

A Set of Boots If you are travelling to a cold place, boots will come across as your best friend. Go for the comfortable ones that are actually meant for walking, instead of the all fashion and no comfort glam boots well, with an exception of places like Paris or Milan where superbly stylish boots are the norm. Go for ankle boots or booties with some embellishments and moderately high heels in this case.

Extremely rainy destinations certainly demand gum boots (You may find many fashionable pairs too if you search). You may want to go one or two sizes larger than your foot size so that they easily slip over all your shoes when you are going out in the rain or snow.

Be the smart diva at travel - pack light without compromising on style, and have a great trip!

shoes a girl must have